We are raising political consciousness, we will seek strategic alliances, connect with like minded youths and citizens to campaign, mobilize and engage in community outreach and political actions towards a #NewNigeria.


We are exploring innovative approaches to governance and development, identifying bold, new ideas that tactically addresses Nigeria’s socio-economic and political challenges. We are learning from the mistake of the past and will be weaving global ideas with local solutions with a strategic roadmap to a New Nigeria.

Mobilising Our PEERS.

We are raising awareness and strengthening our peers’ understanding of the political process through mass community outreaches, education and training, on and off campuses, and across different professional spheres. We seek to empower, resource and engage a new cadre of Nigerian leaders, encourage increased activism, citizen action at the grassroots.


We are empowering and resourcing young Nigerians to be active citizens and community leaders. We seek to work with different stakeholders locally, nationally and globally in an effort to ensure the strategic positioning of young Nigerians in the actualisation of New Nigeria. No more sitting on the fence. We will secure a seat at the table and make our voices heard.